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Limited Time Move-In Offer

Celebrate the spring season with a special limited-time Independent Living move-in offer. Enjoy resort-style amenities and our unwavering commitment to making sure our residents are happy, healthy, and flourishing.

Limited-Time Offer: Close on an Independent Living residence and receive 15% off your Entrance Fee.*
Plus recieve your choice between one of the following benefits:

  • 1 month of complimentary Monthly Service Fees; or

  • $5,000 moving or upgrade credit.


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There is a path. If you take it, you'll never know what you'll find. If you don’t, you'll never know what you missed.


The Best of All Possible Worlds

Life’s greatest challenges pave the way to its greatest rewards. Discover what you need to know before taking the leap to the adventure that is community living. See how life can be more amazing than you ever thought possible at Claridge Court.

group of senior friends sit at a circular table, smiling and drinking wine in the pub at Claridge Court Senior Living CommunityLibrary and lounge area with ample tables and games at Claridge Court Senior Living Communitygroup of seniors prepare dinner together in an apartment townhomelounge and seating area at Claridge Court Senior Living Communitygroup of seniors smile and lift weights during an aerobics class
Senior Independent Living

Fill Your Days in Endless Ways

Renew your zest for life and embrace your life’s greatest adventure.

group of senior women smile and browse through a phone together while seated
senior woman wearing white party glasses smiles into the camera
older woman sits and meditates during yoga
senior woman relaxes on couch with her feet up, reading on a kindle and drinking tea

Senior Living Community

Picture Yourself Here

Home isn’t just a place, it's a feeling.

steps leading up to a wooden arbor and fountain at Claridge Court, lined with bright green bushes, flowers, and treesthree female seniors seated on a couch and one standing senior male resting a hand on the couch, all smiling for an interviewclose-up of the fountain and beautiful landscaping in front of the entrance at Claridge Court Senior Living Communitysenior couple enjoys elegant dinner with wine at Claridge Court Senior Living CommunitySpacious formal dining room area at Claridge Court Senior Living Community

Continuing Care Retirement Community

The Future Needs You

Life’s joys are found in the journey—but have you planned for its potential twists and turns? With a Life Care plan in place, you can take charge of your life’s course, no matter what lies ahead. Discover how to secure your future.

Plan for your future

grandmother and granddaughter with paintbrushes and canvas painting

Senior Living Articles

Learn and Grow

group of three seniors walk back to the path after a morning yoga session outside of their senior living community, backdropped by beautiful landscapingsenior couple relaxing at home while looking at a tablet in the senior man's handssenior women laugh and converse during book clubGroup of close-knit senior friends smile and toast wine together during a social celebration

Health & Wellness

Your well-being is priceless. Explore helpful tips and strategies that can help you prioritize your whole health. 

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Resources for Seniors

From technology tips to connecting with grandchildren, read on to discover helpful resources on a variety of topics.

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Independent Living

Discover more than you know about independent living. Learn more about what to ask and consider as you begin your journey. 

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Living at Claridge Court

There’s always something happening at Claridge Court. Learn more about pursuing your personal goals and interests and ways to spend time with family and friends. 

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