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Claridge Court Wagers on Super Bowl Against Bay Area Counterpart

As the Kansas City Chiefs took on the San Francisco 49ers on Super Bowl Sunday, some tasty K.C. barbeque was on the line. Passionate Chiefs fans at Claridge Court placed a bet with Stoneridge Creek retirement community in Pleasanton, California, where the 49ers reign supreme.

If the Chiefs won, Stoneridge Creek would send a case of Napa Valley wine from The Golden State to Claridge Court. If the 49ers won, Claridge Court would send a Jack Stack barbecue buffet to residents at Stoneridge Creek.

Dozens of Claridge Court residents donned their Chiefs colors to cheer on their home team at the community’s Super Bowl party. Many of them were young adults when the Chiefs brought home the Vince Lombardi Trophy 50 years ago. Winning the championship once again was longtime dream that Patrick Mahomes and his unstoppable offense fulfilled. The Napa Valley wine the community subsequently received from Stoneridge Creek was the icing on the cake.

KMBZ-FM ran a story about the bet as part of its Super Bowl coverage.

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