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How to Host a Holiday Party in a Senior Living Community

The goal of the holiday season is simple: take time to bring everyone together and enjoy each other’s company. Where and how that happens is much less important. In fact, sometimes a change of venue for the holidays can bring a fresh change of pace. If you have recently moved to a senior living community or are thinking about a transition, consider hosting your next holiday gathering there! 

There are numerous advantages to hosting a holiday party at a senior living community, including access to on-site amenities and services. Grandchildren can enjoy a film at the on-site theater or play board games with family in the card and game room. Private dining rooms can be reserved and catered in, eliminating the need to cook and reducing clean-up time. 

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, here are some additional tips and strategies for hosting your next holiday gathering at a senior living community.   

Selecting and Perfecting Your Party Space 

Your new home at a senior living community will have no shortage of options for hosting your party. Most communities have numerous common areas and private gathering spaces, from intimate dining rooms to soaring auditoriums.  

  1. Host in your new home. Most residents find that their new home serves their holiday hosting needs perfectly. Cook your traditional holiday meal in your full kitchen, have a meal catered in or ask loved ones to bring their signature dish. If you find yourself needing a little more space or better flow, call your on-site maintenance team for help rearranging furniture or making small repairs or adjustments ahead of time.  
  2. Reserve a private party or dining room. For larger gatherings, you may prefer to reserve a private gathering space or dining room. You may be surprised at how many guests can be accommodated in your community’s largest spaces. Many communities can accommodate 50 or more guests! Ask a team member about the capacity of their on-site gathering spaces.  They may even have an auditorium or performance space where you can enjoy holiday games, play music or give speeches and performances. Ask about catering meals from on-site or off to make preparation even easier.  
  3. Share a holiday meal at one of the on-site dining venues. If you’re looking for a truly stress-free holiday option, make a reservation at one of your community’s on-site dining venues. This will ensure there are plenty of options that serve everyone’s needs and tastes, and it eliminates the task of cleaning up after the guests have gone home. 

Enjoy Your Holiday Traditions (and Create New Ones) 

There’s no need for your holiday traditions to change once you are living in a senior community! Your family can still come over to decorate your tree and spruce up your residence with holiday cheer. Bake your favorite treats with your grandchildren, put puzzles together, make homemade decorations or sing along to holiday songs just as you always have. 

As an added benefit, you and your loved ones can also take advantage of the holiday events and activities at your community. View seasonal displays during a stroll through the grounds, attend one of the community’s holiday parties, or watch a concert or other event scheduled on-site.  

Reserve Spaces for Guests

If you have family coming in from out of town, your senior community may also be able to accommodate them. Ask a team member about any available guest suites. These can be reserved ahead of your event, and save your loved ones the hassle of booking a hotel room. It also gives you the chance to spend more time with them, as they won’t have to hop in a car immediately after the festivities have ended.  

Get Ready for Your Guests

As you prepare for the arrival of your guests, remember that you have many on-site services and amenities that can help you prepare. Consider arranging for a cleaning service to tidy up before or after your party. Then, book an appointment at your on-site salon to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best. 

If you ultimately decide that hosting a gathering is too much for you this year, your community can help with that, to. Ask a team member if you can arrange a car service to take you to and from a visit with local friends and family. 

Your holiday plans don’t have to change drastically once you move to a senior living community. In fact, they can be more enjoyable and less stressful than ever before.  

Learn More About Life in a Retirement Community

At Claridge Court, we offer sophisticated independent living options for residents that include access to numerous services, activities and amenities, including private dining rooms, guest suites and common spaces. These on-site accommodations encourage family members to come together and visit their loved ones any time of year. 

Contact us to learn more, or schedule a tour to see these spaces and premium amenities for yourself.

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