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Is an Independent Living or Assisted Living Community Right for You?

You’ve worked long and hard to plan for retirement, so it’s important to ensure you’re taking the right steps to get the most out of those years. For many, independent senior living communities strike the perfect balance of freedom and support that they’re looking for at this stage of life. But is an independent living community right for you? What about an assisted living community? And what are the key differences between the two? 

Here, we discuss the differences between independent living and assisted living, and why one may choose to live in an independent living community like Claridge Court

What is an Independent Senior Living Community?

Independent living communities are ideal for older adults who want to live on their own, but also have access to additional support, community services and diverse amenities. With independent living, you maintain your own private residence and have the freedom to choose how you spend your days within the community. 

Services like property maintenance and housekeeping are often included, leaving more time to focus on the activities you find most meaningful. As an added benefit, community team members are available to offer additional support at your discretion or in case of an emergency. The primary goal of independent living is to help residents pursue their passions and get the most out of each day.

What is an Assisted Senior Living Community?

Assisted living caters to older adults who need extra assistance performing everyday activities such as bathing, dressing or grooming. This option includes the full range of amenities and services available to those at the independent level, including on-site security, emergency response systems, and onsite dining venues. In this level of living, however, your personal care needs are all met as part of your monthly fee.   

Is Independent Living or Assisted Living Right for You?

Whether you’re considering staying at home or living in a community, examining these three key areas can help you make the best choice for your specific needs and desires.

Your Care Needs

We all want to live comfortably in retirement. However, that means being realistic about your care needs and prioritizing them. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I need additional care? Support is always available in an independent living community, though it may be at an additional cost depending on your contract type. However, if you require assistance with daily living on a regular basis, you may be better served by choosing the assisted living option.
  • What do I need the most help with? Independent living is ideal for those who can comfortably perform the tasks of everyday living, but enjoy the benefits of housekeeping and maintenance services.  
  • Can I get extra assistance in independent living? If you choose to live at an independent living community, but could use some extra help, there are often onsite care options that provide in-home assistance on a regular schedule. However, these service costs will be in addition to your monthly fee. 

Your Social Needs

Studies have shown that friendships later in life can have a significant impact on overall well-being. Here are some social considerations to take into account as you look at your retirement options:

  • Do I want to build new relationships? Many people choose independent living because it provides a community of like-minded individuals at a similar stage in life. This makes forging impactful relationships more accessible through shared activities and experiences.
  • What activities do I want to enjoy? Independent living helps free up time so you can spend it in the ways you find most meaningful. Consider how you want to spend your days and find a community that offers those options. Communities like Claridge Court offer everything from a fitness center to salon.

Your Future Needs

Your best years are still ahead. However, things can change with age and the earlier you make plans the better. As you consider the future, here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my family history? Though sometimes difficult to think about, family history plays a large role in your community choice. Those who have a family history of conditions such as Alzheimer’s may want to look for communities that offer memory care should the need arise.
  • Is Life Care available? An increasingly popular option for retirement is Life Care. This type of community combines independent living with priority access to onsite health services. As your needs evolve, you can get all of the care you require while remaining in the same community. By paying an upfront entrance fee and regular monthly fees, your care is accounted for at a more predictable cost.

Explore Independent Living at Claridge Court

The best place to start your independent living journey is to experience the community for yourself. At Claridge Court, we offer residents a wide range of amenities, and work with each individual to craft a custom wellness plan to protect their holistic health.

If you’d like to learn more about our Kansas City area community, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to answer your questions and show you everything Claridge Court has to offer.

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