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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

For many of us, chilly temperatures evoke  the urge to cuddle up with a warm beverage and a good book. Before settling down for the season, however, homeowners must complete the yearly process of winterizing their homes ahead of the winter weather.

This process requires yearly labor and costs that can become difficult to manage, especially as we get older. Which is one reason why older adults choose to transition to senior living communities, like Claridge Court, to eliminate the burden of home maintenance. 

Challenges of Home Ownership During Winter

As we get older it can be more difficult to keep up with household maintenance. Winter also brings with it the risks inherent in grappling with inclement weather. This includes increased risks of slips and falls. 

Here are tips for how to tackle some of the most challenging winter weather maintenance tasks.  

Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is an important part of home maintenance. Most experts recommend cleaning gutters at least twice a year — once in the spring and again in the fall. Doing this allows rainwater to flow evenly through your downspouts. Clogged gutters can lead to larger issues such as roof damage, foundation damage and basement mold. During the winter, melting snow can also result in ice accumulation. 

No matter when you decide to clean your gutters, homeowners must either ascend a ladder themselves or hire a professional.  

Shoveling Snow and Melting Ice

Snow removal is an integral part of every homeowner’s winter maintenance checklist. While some embrace this task as a vigorous form of exercise, it can become less desirable as we age. Shoveling snow can also lead to increased risk of slips, falls or the exacerbation of underlying health issues.   

Heating System Maintenance 

Home maintenance experts recommend getting a home’s furnace checked annually by a professional, especially before the first of the inclement weather arrives. Each home heating system — gas, boiler or heat pump — all require unique types of attention. 

Interior and Exterior Weatherproofing 

The cost of utilities often skyrocket during the winter months, which can make budgeting over time more difficult. Weatherproofing doors and windows helps reduce cold air intake and keep heat inside the home. This can often be a laborious process, as weatherproofing will need to be checked and repaired each year.

Retirement Community Living

At Claridge Court, we empower our residents to live independently for as long as possible, while also providing a number of services and amenities that make life more enjoyable.

Let’s explore some of the services and amenities that especially benefit our residents during the winter months. 

Maintenance Is Part of Your Monthly Rate

Maintenance of all apartments, common areas and landscaped grounds is included in the monthly rate for everyone who calls our community home. This means residents don’t need to worry about clearing snow or cleaning out gutters, or searching for a professional to help. We take care of all of those concerns.

Access to Fitness Facilities and Year-Round Activities

All of our independent living residents have access to comprehensive health and wellness programming. Our fitness center is also open year-round. Additionally, our on-site dining venues include healthy options that are both delicious and good for you.

Ease the Winter Blues  

We can all experience loneliness regardless of whether we’re alone or with a partner or family and friends. Older adults often find the holiday season and the winter months especially lonely. As friends and family move or pass away, isolation can set in for those who remain behind. A senior living community encourages older adults to meet new people and forge bonds. Participating in group activities and events also makes it easier to stay engaged and active at any time of year. 

Live Comfortably Year-Round at Claridge Court

At Claridge Court in Prairie Village, Kansas, we offer comfortable independent living options for residents that include year-round home maintenance as part of the monthly rate, as well as access to numerous services, activities and amenities. This means our residents can spend more time simply enjoying this extraordinary chapter of their lives.

To learn more about the benefits of living at Claridge Court, contact us.

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