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What Seniors in Kansas Should Know About Independent Living

In Kansas, senior independent living is becoming a popular choice among retirees who are eager to embark on the next phase of their lives. Seniors in Kansas make up about 35% of the state’s population, and as they enter retirement, they seek a lifestyle that offers leisure and prioritizes self-care. Fortunately, Kansas provides an ideal setting for seniors to enjoy their retirement years with independent living arrangements that allow them to live life on their own terms. Discover the advantages of senior independent living in Kansas, where a growing number of seniors are choosing to make their home.

What Is an Independent Senior Living Community?

An independent senior living community is a living arrangement perfect for older adults who desire a vibrant and social lifestyle. These communities provide private apartments or cottages, along with access to communal areas where residents can enjoy dining, fitness and leisure activities. 

The aim of independent senior living communities is to provide a hassle-free lifestyle in a warm and welcoming environment that promotes a strong sense of community and engagement. Seniors can downsize their living space and leave behind home maintenance tasks, while making new friends and taking part in exciting activities with their peers.  

When Is Independent Living Right For You?

A common misconception about independent living is that you should wait until you become overburdened by home maintenance or need a little more support to get around. However, a surprising majority of seniors will confess – they wish they had made the move sooner! 

In a sophisticated independent living community, residents can enjoy thoughtful services and amenities and pursue a more carefree lifestyle. The sooner you move, the longer you can take advantage of community life and all it has to offer.  

How Much Does Independent Living Cost in Kansas?

One of the great benefits about retiring in Kansas is that the cost of living is extremely affordable, and is often celebrated for its lower than average cost of living for seniors. This is in part because the state provides unique benefits specifically for senior care

However, independent living costs will vary based on the community type and the residence option you choose. Some communities may require an entrance fee, a monthly fee and perhaps additional fees for premium services. There is also the choice of a Life Care community which offers a lifetime guarantee of housing and on-site health services.  

What To Consider When Choosing an Independent Living Community in Kansas

When choosing an independent community in Kansas, here are three main things you should consider.  

  • Location. Kansas offers numerous opportunities for rural, urban and suburban living. Do you want to live close to family and friends? Do you want to live in a busy city or in a peaceful suburb? Location can be key to your retirement experience, so choose carefully. Many seniors select a location like Prairie Village, which offers the best of both worlds: a serene suburb that’s not too far from downtown Kansas City. 
  • Services and amenities. What type of services and amenities does a community provide? A sophisticated independent living community can offer resort-style amenities such as award-winning dining venues, concierge services, transportation options, salons, beautiful gardens and more.  
  • Community type. There are many types of independent living options for seniors in Kansas, from rental and Life Care communities to buy-in retirement villages. Which is right for your lifestyle? 
  • Healthcare needs. It’s important to consider your future healthcare needs when choosing a community. Recent reports show that in 2022, healthcare expenses in the United States increased by a whopping 14.5% – double the inflation rate. However, there are ways to plan ahead and reduce long-term costs. For instance, Life Care communities offer a unique contract that includes an entrance fee and monthly fee that will not change even if your care needs do. In exchange, you get access to everything the community has to offer, including a range of health services.

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