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Is It Time for Your Parent to Move to Independent Living?

Working with an older parent to decide when it’s time to move to a senior living community doesn’t have to be a fraught decision. In fact, for a lot of families, the idea of moving to independent living is an exciting prospect, with innumerable benefits. If you’re unsure of how to approach this conversation, or aren’t sure if it’s time to seriously consider a move for your aging parent, use these questions to help guide the conversation. 

Questions to Ask Your Parent

Asking these questions while spending quality time with your aging parents can help you get a better understanding of their quality of life, chief concerns, and whether it might be time to tour a few premier independent living communities. 

Do You Still Feel Safe In Your Home?

This question is especially important if your loved one still lives in a multi-level home or has experienced a fall recently. If they don’t feel safe in their current environment, the time may be right to suggest alternate living arrangements. At Claridge Court, our spacious independent living apartments are built with ease and safety in mind. 

Is Keeping Up With House Maintenance Overwhelming?

If your parent is (understandably so) sick and tired of all the upkeep that goes with aging in a large family home, an independent senior living community may be the perfect solution. For instance, residents at Claridge Court enjoy weekly housekeeping and regular maintenance services so they can focus on what most deserves their attention: living their best lives. 

Are There Daily Tasks You Would Like Assistance With? 

Many older adults don’t necessarily need daily assistance, but still might like a more readily available set of hands for some daily or common life tasks. This gray space between aging in place and assisted living is precisely what makes independent living communities such a great place to land. 

A senior living community like Claridge Court offers all the independence of aging in place with the added safety net of readily available services that make daily life a joy. From well-appointed dining venues to scheduled transportation services and more, independent living is an excellent choice for older adults that would like a little extra help but don’t need daily assistance. 

Does Home Feel Lonely? 

Sometimes, the reason for a parent seeming unhappy is just that they miss more frequent and regular socialization. It’s been proven that social gatherings are a major boon to quality of life for aging adults, so if your loved one is lonely, addressing this can drastically improve their outlook. 

One of the biggest benefits of an independent senior living community is the proximity to like-minded peers. A robust social event calendar gives your aging parent the opportunity to create new bonds and cultivate new friendships at their own pace based on what interests them most. 

What Do You Want Daily Life to Look Like? 

Perhaps the most important question of all is this. What does your parent want their daily life to look like? If the picture they paint doesn’t match their current situation, this may be the biggest sign that independent living might offer a better way. 

The way they answer this question will also help you create a list of important features, services, and must-haves for the independent living communities you consider and tour together. 

Explore Independent Living Options at Claridge Court

Nestled right near Kansas City in Prairie Village, Kansas, Claridge Court is proud to offer country club style amenities to our residents. We offer one- and two-bedroom floor plans with refined features like full kitchens, terrace balconies and walk-in closets. Pair our elegant living spaces with amenities and services like robust wellness programming, a cozy pub, fully-stocked library and more and you’ve got a recipe for an exceptional life. Help your parent envision their life at Claridge Court by scheduling a tour today.

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