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The Benefits of a Move to a Senior Living Community, and How to Prepare for the Transition

Whether it’s for the sense of community, seeking a more active lifestyle or a need for a level of care not easily accessible at home, a senior living community makes a great retirement option for many older adults. Here are some reasons why so many older adults are choosing to live in these types of communities, and how you can help your parent or parents prepare for the transition to this lifestyle. 

A Sense of Community

Friendships later in life are important for good health. With more opportunities to connect with peers, adults in communities like the one at Claridge Court are more likely to be happy and healthy than seniors living at home.  

Activities and Events

It can often be difficult for seniors to find a sense of purpose in retirement, but a senior living community can fill that need. With enriching activities in and around the community designed specifically for older adults, it’s easier to stay engaged in day-to-day life. Seniors can take part in fulfilling community wellness programs and similar activities with like-minded peers to continue their personal growth.

Specialized Services

One aspect of retirement that can’t be overlooked is the potential need for special health services as we age. For instance, at Claridge Court, we have both skilled nursing and rehabilitation services onsite, which is convenient for residents in the event that their healthcare needs change. 

Preparing to Move to a Senior Living Community

Making the decision to move to a retirement community is only the beginning of the journey. It’s important to do your research and adequately prepare for the move ahead of time. This will allow for a much smoother transition to the new space without the complications often associated with a move.

Researching Senior Living Communities

One of the best ways to find the perfect senior living community for your loved one’s lifestyle is to assist them with their research. What kinds of amenities are available? Is independent living or assisted living a better option for your loved one? Should they consider a continuing care retirement community?

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices for the best senior living community, you’ll need to dig even deeper into what each community offers. Be prepared to ask questions, like:

  • How is the community maintained?
  • What dining options and amenities are available?
  • Does this community offer a contract option that fits our budget?

Above all else, be prepared to ask yourself, “How do I feel about this community?”

How to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is stressful at any stage of life, but there are many ways to make the logistics of moving easier to manage. Checklists with reminders for important documents and dates can also be a great way to stay organized.

Additionally, before you begin boxing up dishes and knick-knacks, it might be helpful to start downsizing early. This will help make the move more organized and remove some of the unnecessary clutter you’ve been meaning to part with for years.

Ready to make the move? This step-by-step guide can walk you through the process in greater detail. 

Why Claridge Court is a Great Option for Your Loved One  

If your loved one is ready for a move to a senior living community, Claridge Court is an excellent option. This dynamic community in the Kansas City area provides country club living for an idyllic retirement life. Contact us to have your questions about senior living answered by a helpful member of our team, or schedule a tour to see our community for yourself. We’re looking forward to hosting you.

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