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Who Benefits from Living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

While researching senior living options, you’ve probably come across the term “continuing care retirement community” or CCRC. But what type of community is this, and what are the benefits of choosing one?  

At the heart of a CCRC lies its promise to cater to the evolving needs of its residents, providing inclusive activities, events, amenities, and care options for a predictable monthly fee. Some may also require an entrance fee. These communities blend independent living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitative services within one campus, ensuring that individuals can seamlessly transition to different levels of care as their requirements change. This integrated approach offers peace of mind, eliminating the stress associated with potential future health complications.

That said, there are so many more benefits to CCRC living than peace of mind for the future! Here are some of the lesser known benefits of choosing this type of community.  

Active and Social Seniors

Community living offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with friendly individuals eager to meet new people and cultivate friendships. This lifestyle is also beneficial to those who may not want continuous social interaction, but still want convenient ways to meet people and make connections. Many CCRCs host a variety of social events throughout the year, alongside leisure activities and classes such as painting or yoga, where it’s easy to meet and make genuine connections with your fellow community members.  

Seniors Seeking a Sense of Security

A major benefit of a CCRC is that many offer a continuum of care at predictable costs. This means you will continue to live in the same community even if your health care needs change, as you can take advantage of health services on campus. This provides CCRC residents with a profound sense of security, knowing they have chosen where and how they will receive care and already planned for its financial costs. 

Seniors Seeking More Ease and Leisure

Living in a CCRC means your schedule is free from daily chores and household maintenance, allowing you to fill your days with more of what you want to do. So while housekeeping meticulously cleans your apartment, you can join an aerobics class and meet a friend for lunch. Or when the maintenance team fixes a leaking faucet, you’re improving your painting skills in the art studio. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Delight in a fine dining experience at an on-site restaurant, with meals prepared by award-winning chefs. Put your leisure first and embrace the easy, care-free lifestyle a CCRC provides.  

Free-Spirited Seniors

For those individuals always in pursuit of knowledge or new travel experiences, a CCRC is an ideal place to live. Not only will you meet other travel enthusiasts with whom you can plan trips together, but a CCRC provides educational classes as well as informative lectures about current topics to keep your mind engaged and thriving. Arranging for travel is carefree—just let the staff know! Let your mind and spirit soar at a CCRC.

Discover the Benefits of Community Life at Claridge Court

Whether you’re looking to expand your social circle, experience more leisure, hone a hobby, or pursue a new passion, CCRC community life is an elevated retirement choice that can help you experience it all. One such community is Claridge Court located in the charming city of Prairie Village, Kansas.

Claridge Court offers premium services and amenities including elegant apartments, meals prepared by award-winning chefs, and a plethora of on-site comforts for convenient living. Contact us to learn why Claridge Court is the top choice for CCRC retirement living.

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